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The Sp@ceSt@tion


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 Thank you to the SpaceMan Joe fanatics who do not even know they are fanatics yet.

fakin beautiful mp3

What's the full track listing for Musica de Miguel Vol. 1, you ask?
1. THE CHOICE (volleyball's a close second)
2. stuck on myself/everything about me is You (really, really rough demo)
3. sad eyes (rough demo)
4. four days wait (still sizzledance demo)
5. carbon copy (rough demo)
6. blank page (lounge demo)
7. incomprehensible (transition demo)
8. fakin beautiful (redemo)
9. axis (home demo)
** stuck/e.a.m. (crazy demo)
** teach me how to breathe (scotty shaw mix)
** everything about me is You (rich 1 5 organ mix)
** spontaneous praise
** sad eyes karaoke

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