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sad eyes
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see you lookin at me with those sad eyes
starin at me and lookin right through
locked somewhere in a world of darkness
in the darkness the fear is gripping you
and it won't let go
(you are trapped and you are tied
sinking slipping slowly died)
your eyes
frozen in a tragedy
so cold
haunted by your past
can't trust
cause everyone has hurt you
and yet you're longing
longing for a hope that lasts
you look for someone to depend on
(everyone has always let you down)
you look at me to depend on
i'll let you down
(she cries)
see you lookin at me with those sad eyes
staring at me and lookin for peace
what you need is not on the outside
it's the one who's inside
He's the one you seek
He'll dry your eyes
when will she let go of the pain?
He'll heal her broken heart again
when will it end? when will it end?
when will her pain and sorrow end?
when will it ever end?...