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history of flight
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Once upon a time there was a man named Rich who moved to Ohio from Colorado for the search of happiness. His happiness was granted when he met #5 who was a man with talents and a number for a moniker. They began playing music which was quite strange, but then it turned out to be good. Then Rich decided to call the band Sp@ceM@nJoe in honor of the late Joe Mayhew whom Rich had never even heard of until he went online and stumbled across this

             friend number one are youth pastors by trade.
             they invited rich to ohio, he helps them out.

friend number two's got skillz besides guitar. she's received many county and state honors as a basketball player AND been a national all-star at Bible quizzing.

friends three and four play in the east liverpool high school marching band.

i love blue hair
#5 (left) and richard (right)

we don't let scotty touch anything...