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Rich Blair Bio

lead guitarist/vocals

pickin and grinnin

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Full name: Richard Ross Blair
Birthday: July 14, 1982
Place of Birth: Hahn Air Force Base, Germany
Nicknames: Rich, Chard, DickieRo, Arutro, Screeter
Height: 5'10''
Eye Color: brown
Hobbies: music (how obvious), aviation, photography, shifting shale
Beverage: sweet tea, root beer, must have water
Snack Food: anything...I eat all of the time
Indulgence: Oreos and Milk
Article of clothing: my MAVI "MAD MAX" jeans...the most comfortable jeans in the world!
Clothing Store: Banana Republic
Movie: Bandits
Style of music: I enjoy listening to everything but I try to avoid country
Book of the Bible: James
Verse: Hebrews 11:1
Biggest pet peeve: being late for anything
Hidden claim to fame: i can cross my lip, wiggle my nose, and wiggle my ears all at the same time! I am also a jazz trumpet player!
If you die tomorrow, what would you want people to say about you?
"Richard made me want to follow Jesus"
What do you do to make sure you continue to grow as a Christian and stay in God's will? I believe there is nothing more important than first of all having Jesus as your Savior but close to that is doing God's will for your life. I believe that daily reading God's word and studying it will help you understand where He wants you. He is great in that He reveals Himself to us. I read the Bible daily and seek after His will for me that day. Putting yourself in an environment of other strong Christians is very important for accountability and encouragement.
When did you get involved with music? I have always been involved with music since I can remember. I can remember going to my room with a pot and making up my own songs while I made my own percussion. Some of those tapes still exist. Music has always been close to my heart. I began to fully develope that when I was in the 5th grade when I began to play the trumpet which I still play to this day. It was from that point that the entire universe of music was opened up to me. God has blessed me with talent to play whatever I put my heart into.
What are some of your influences? I think first and foremost Jesus. He is the only one that gives me encouragement to do the things I do and to do them to their fullest. Musically my influences are pretty wide in range: the beatles (obviously), dave matthews band, coldplay, jewel, stereophonics, delirious. Some of my favorite authors who have influenced me are: edgar allan poe, william shakespear, chaucer, more!
Closing words:  I am so thankful for this band and where God has already brought it in the very little time its been around. I feel God has been telling me that if we keep ourselves out of the picture and not let ourselves get in the way of what He is doing He will work things out greatly. I am thankful for the opporunity to play music for Jesus!